Neurostimulation Therapy

  • SCS is a well-established therapy, recommended by doctors for more than 50 years

  • Uses mild electrical pulses to change pain signals as they travel from the spinal cord to the brain

  • May help to reduce pain to a manageable level and to return to a more normal lifestyle

BurstDR Stimulation Therapy

  • Available exclusively from Abbott

  • Designed to manage pain more naturally, mimicking natural patterns found in the brain

  • Proven to provide relief from both pain and its associated suffering

Doctor and Patient

Proven And Preferred By More Patients

BurstDR Stimulation Has Been Clinically Proven To:

Provide superior relief from pain and its associated suffering,† compared to traditional neurostimulation therapy

Reduce or eliminate the tingling sensation felt with traditional neurostimulation

Improve the ability to perform everyday activities

More Than 8 Out Of 10 People Prefer BurstDR Stimulation


Step 1)

Evaluation By A Pain Management Specialist

Talk To Your Pain Management Specialist Today

  • Your doctor will determine whether you are a candidate for SCS therapy

  • Your Abbott representative can help answer any additional questions

A trial system can help you and your doctor determine how well the therapy will work for you

Step 2)

Temporary Evaluation

  • The typical evaluation period is five to seven days


  • During the trial, you can see how well the therapy controls your pain before committing to an implanted system

During the trial, you can access whether the therapy:

  • Provides meaningful pain relief

  • Improves your ability to perform daily activities

  • Improves your sleeping habits

Doctor and Patient

The Invisible Trial System

Temporary Leads

Thin wires that deliver
low-energy electrical pulses
from the battery to interrupt
your pain signals

External Battery

Leads are connected to a
small external battery, worn
outside of the body, typically
on your lower back

Patient Controller

A handheld device similar to
a remote control that
enables you to adjust the

A Life-Changing First Step

  • A short procedure will be performed at your doctor’s office, a hospital or a day surgery center

  • Your doctor will place temporary leads and connect them to a small external battery

  • Your Abbott representative will program your system under your doctor’s guidance

After the trial, you and your doctor will decide whether the
Proclaim™ XR SCS system is right for you.

Step 3)

Implanted System

Moving Forward With The Implanted System

  • The Proclaim™ XR SCS system will be implanted in a surgical procedure, usually on an outpatient basis

  • The three basic components of the implanted system are similar to the temporary system

It's Time To Start Living XR

  • You and your doctor should review any possible complications or restrictions

  • Certain activities can cause the lead or leads to move and cause an unwanted change in stimulation

  • In general, you should be able to perform your daily activities with less pain over time

PLEASE NOTE: While neurostimulation helps most patients with some reduction in
pain, not everyone responds in the same way. The amount of pain relief depends
on each individual. Complications caused by placement and/or use of the device
may occur. Be sure to discuss the risks and benefits of neurostimulation with your


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