The sacroiliac (SI) joints are formed by the connection of the sacrum and the right and left iliac bones. The sacrum is located at the base of the spine. It is made up of 5 vertebrae or backbones that are fused together. The iliac bones are the two large bones that makeup the pelvis. The sacroiliac joints support the entire weight of the upper body. When these joints are stressed it can cause wearing of the cartilage of the SI joints.

Symptoms of sacroiliac joint dysfunction include:

  • Pain in the lower back, usually on one side

  • Hip pain

  • Discomfort with bending over or standing after sitting for long periods

  • Diminishing pain when lying down

Any condition that alters the normal walking pattern can put undue stress on the SI joints and can lead to pain. There are many other disorders that can cause sacroiliac joint inflammation and pain including gout and arthritis.

Chronic sacroiliac joint pain may be helped with corticosteroid injections.


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